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Heart pounding, fingers hot on the bow, breath still and body frozen, hair slowly rising on your neck–the entire journey through the wild, all the anticipation of the hunt, has delivered you right here, to this moment… to The EDGE.

The EDGE is the ultimate struggle to conquer nature, or be defeated by it.



It’s not just the ultimate adventure, it’s a way of life calling back from the thrill of today’s hunt to Canada’s great, proud heritage of hunters and trappers. You’re invited along to meet the characters, break fresh ground, and feel the crisp air of the untouched wilds in your lungs .. .if the challenge is there, so is The EDGE.


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Browning Horizontal S7
Walker horizontal S7 (GSM Outdoor)
Rocky Top Outfitter Horizontal S7
Hi Mountain Horizontal S7
Jim Bows Horizontal S7
Vortex Horizontal S7
Deluxe Horizontal S7
Stealth Cam horizontal (GSM Outdoor) S7
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